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What I can offer you:


Stone Disease


A full selection of all stone & endourological operating, including PCNL, both supine & prone, ultra mini PCNL, flexible ureterorenoscopy (FURS), which is removal of kidney stones via a flexible telescope, ureteroscopy (URS), which is removal of stones in the ureter using a telescope. I can also perform laser endopyelotomy, stent removal & exchanges, insertion of metal stents such as Memokath, uventa & urovision stents. I have full access to lithotripsy (ESWL).


I will assess the stone burden that you have and explain to you the various options that you have for treating, or watching these stones. I will supply necessary written information, so that you can come to a decision that you are happy with, and is personalised to you.


I am also adept at metabolic testing, to identify your stone risk factors, and with an aim to reduce your chances of having another stone. This includes links to metabolic physicians and dietitians as necessary.


I am also a specialist in upper tract diagnostic work, and can diagnose and treat with laser, cancers of the lining cells of the kidneys and ureters (TCC)


Prostate Disease


I am delighted to offer both holmium enucleation of the prostate (HoLEP) & urolift. I would be pleased to see you and discuss your symptoms. I will guide you through your decision making process, with an aim that you come to a choice that you are happy with.


Penoscrotal Conditions


I offer a full diagnostic service for penile conditions and scrotal lumps and bumps, and offer not limited to, Circumcision, frenuloplasty, preputioplasty, hydrocele repair, epididymal cyst removal, scrotal cord blocks, and orchidectomy (testicular removal). I have an interest in scrotal pain and its diagnosis.


Bladder Conditions


I offer a full diagnostic service for both male and female bladder symptoms, and am delighted to offer urodynamics, cystoscopy, and a range of treatment options for all of these conditions


Recurrent Infections in Women, and Prostatitis in Men


I am very interested in seeing patients with these conditions, as many will have pelvic pain syndrome. I am also interested in the treatment of bladder & urethral pain syndromes, and treat urethral caruncles.




I am happy to offer a personalised ‘blood in the pee’ (haematuria) service, and offer cancer diagnostic work, including PSA testing, diagnostic cystoscopy and TRUS Biopsy of the prostate.

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